Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love Still Begins at 40

What could be possibly you're thinking upon reaching the age of forty and still single? Do you think you need love counselling? Do you feel you are too old for a relationship or in case you have, are you capable of maintaining the same? This burden could have been harder on the part of a woman rather than a man.
Before, women over 40 were mostly worried about their age. But now, I've seen a different view of the picture. I may say that somehow, there are crowds whom are vulnerable about the topic and are open to the fact that any situation could not be justified through age limits.
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Women at this age primarily will seek for her goal and that is to find a good man to spend the rest of her life with. Texting, sexting and even online dating or speed dating is the name of the game. These are now the present day scenarios of a common love cycle. We, women, must think about because men, our counterpart are using all these means to catch their prey. It's about time, considering our pride and dignity, to do the right moves.. As they are saying, “Sing out loud and dance to the tune of the crowd”.
It has been widely accepted and known to all that men love younger women but unlike them, women should avoid younger men. As a woman who wants to be love must first learn how to love herself. Don't let the symptoms of aging ruins your life. Always remember that men fall for looks and beauty. One great beauty can bring one great nation fall. Get back in shape and prove to the world that you are young both in mind and body. It is but rightful for your age that you deserve one great man of your dream.
At this point of life, one must realize that today isn't late at all. You must believe that still, this is the right time to find someone to love if you just let it be. Even our failures in the past should have given us the best lessons in life. They have definitely prepared us for a more astonishing, matured and long, lasting relationship. Don't let heartbreak stop you from loving... Finding true love later in life is like a supernatural phenomenon... I, myself, have to prove... Love is lovelier the ___th around? :)

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