Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love Still Begins at 40

What could be possibly you're thinking upon reaching the age of forty and still single? Do you think you need love counselling? Do you feel you are too old for a relationship or in case you have, are you capable of maintaining the same? This burden could have been harder on the part of a woman rather than a man.
Before, women over 40 were mostly worried about their age. But now, I've seen a different view of the picture. I may say that somehow, there are crowds whom are vulnerable about the topic and are open to the fact that any situation could not be justified through age limits.
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Women at this age primarily will seek for her goal and that is to find a good man to spend the rest of her life with. Texting, sexting and even online dating or speed dating is the name of the game. These are now the present day scenarios of a common love cycle. We, women, must think about because men, our counterpart are using all these means to catch their prey. It's about time, considering our pride and dignity, to do the right moves.. As they are saying, “Sing out loud and dance to the tune of the crowd”.
It has been widely accepted and known to all that men love younger women but unlike them, women should avoid younger men. As a woman who wants to be love must first learn how to love herself. Don't let the symptoms of aging ruins your life. Always remember that men fall for looks and beauty. One great beauty can bring one great nation fall. Get back in shape and prove to the world that you are young both in mind and body. It is but rightful for your age that you deserve one great man of your dream.
At this point of life, one must realize that today isn't late at all. You must believe that still, this is the right time to find someone to love if you just let it be. Even our failures in the past should have given us the best lessons in life. They have definitely prepared us for a more astonishing, matured and long, lasting relationship. Don't let heartbreak stop you from loving... Finding true love later in life is like a supernatural phenomenon... I, myself, have to prove... Love is lovelier the ___th around? :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happiness vs. Stress

An individual's attitude towards life is a major key factor that could affect someone's health, their susceptibility against illness and also life expectancy. One way or the other, a positive outlook can take us unto a longer route in life. Happiness may somehow, varies from one person to another, but the outgoing and social during their younger years tend to be much happier and contented upon reaching old age. They have quite transformed themselves. They have developed a successful relationship both at home and at work and have achieved a much healthier physical and mental aging. Nonetheless, anybody could resort and make Psychotherapy as his option.
One famous contributor to happiness trending nowadays is the TGIF spirit. In fact, there's much and a big reason behind the acronym TGIF that it has become a universally famous expression. An undisputed passion felt by people from all angles of life... Wow! "Thank God it's Friday!" I knew most of us will agree and rather not be surprise for ranking file workers or even those people with high status positions are possess on this current BOLD spirit. I, myself find out just how free time has significantly affects a person's well-being. It has given me more opportunities to create a strong bond with my family as well as with my friends, sharing and interrelating on each other’s experiences that can enhance our growth emotionally towards a more psychologically independent human.
It is rather a good principle not a concept that we should be concern to retain the balance of not exerting or indulging ourselves with too much work. Regardless of educational attainment, relationship or even socioeconomic status, men and women of all ages have that seventh cloud atmosphere during weekends and much more on vacations! Have enough sleep and enjoy the rest of your days.
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Our identity and disposition as individual during the earlier part of adulthood have much an enduring impact on later decades of our well-being. The much related teenage agony should neither be considered a health matter nor just a temporary argument. I am thinking it could be both, otherwise, Psychotherapy could be an option. No human has the power in his hand that could make his life perfect, but we may encourage eagerness and intimacy with our youngsters to prepare for a healthy physical and psychologically uplift spirit in the future. It is definitely impossible to achieve a stress-free life but we can forget the one awful aspect of the world. Let us carry more positive emotions that can give us far-reaching benefits while we’re still alive. So be cool... Think young... Love yourself… And be happy!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Single Mother's Dilemma

Being a single mother is a tough responsibility. By all means, I respect the fact that if I haven’t lived my life this way, then I could not imagine it would be impossible for me to understand what others have been through as a single parent. Or maybe, what could I be without a psychotherapy? When I need it and not have it?
Mother's dilemma - Palo Alto Psychotherapy

Could you be one of those people who would consider that being a single mother is the toughest job in today's modern society? I have asked a few single moms about their views of their own dilemma's. Most of them have replied the same: considering the fact that their children will never have the chance to cherish the fun and enjoy what having both parents home feels like.
I apologize to inhabit this kind of topic. Single people may have problems but single mom with children has even more. My point is that, I want to acknowledge every determination that confides with this astonishing situation. And not to exclude myself, I want to take responsibility for my role of adding to the list of single mothers. I have four kids with one man, that I became single upon his death. Sometimes I just thought, maybe it's an impression of my children to have that disappointment that their father did not make it this far... And it would be redundant to think that they have been longing and expecting someone to care of them, at least.
I have been a single mom for about 4 1/2 years now. Good thing I did not resort to seek the help of health specialist. I thought it sometimes that it would be good for me to have a psychotherapy. My depression did not progress. I have accepted His will and my fate. I have blamed no one. I have to stand firm that I realized I should be hard to the extent of being a brainy heartless. Walking on the path of no return is what I usually pursue for myself... Well in fact, and I’m thinking and considering this myself, there are those women who become more aggressive dating multiple men due to the fact that most men are unwilling to give their commitment.... A single mother's dilemma? Yes... Why do you think a women should remain faithful and loyal with those kind of people? Should women put all their luck in one man's casket when they are full aware that this man does not want to commit? Should they divert to the proposal of other men to retain their options open?
I have no intention to judge anyone but I am having a hard time considering this one. Let us not add to any obvious and rather unfavorable traits as undesirable human entity if we may consider it that way. Both men and women should be responsible for their own actions. This era has given us the impression that we do not have the same opportunities as other people might be. It would be best to counter this fanciful intimation by giving each other loving and understanding support, especially our children.
The recently demanding change in the society has made me uplift more of my spirit. I realized I have to work harder and continue to compensate further for the sake of my children that they can have a better fighting chance for survival. That, is my legacy to my children.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Accepting Reality | Palo Alto Psychotherapy

Many among us are in difficult situations facing their own dilemna. You may find it unfair what life has bringing you now and fight the current situation which could only lead you to the feeling of distress about your pain.. You must accept the fact how life was given to you. Don't try to exalt or alter the truth in order to please anyone or just to hide the ugly side of the situation. Just let it be, or otherwise, a psychotherapy session could be your possible solution.

Accepting Reality | Palo Alto Psychotherapy

I may say, reality is neither bitter nor sympathetic, neither good nor bad. The comparable situation arise from the brain which is responsible for the creation of fancy illusion and awareness. There is dissimilation to every moment in your life. You have to unravel your own obstacle. Everything has that negative and positive opportunity. And above all, you must try to liberate yourself... Heavy burdens were given but a far better future is to be expected. Maybe your way up ahead for something bigger, like career and accomplishment.  

It is believe that personal growth is gain by people who are aware of their situations and accept the pain in them. These people drive themselves forward and this method usually has a positive results. But how does it affect anyone who reacted the other way around? Well, making your current reality negative or wrong produces much of internal pain. You may be capable to have that better qualities in life in which you can be fulfilled or you may be trapped endlessly hunting your dreams and never to achieve any fulfillment at all.

You can see life clearly when you start to accept reality, not pretending it to be good or bad,  you can see those paths mark before us. Yes, we, indeed, have obtacles to overcome. Those trials aren't meant to confuse us but rather, I may say, they are elemental part of humanity which balances life in existence. Life could be easier if you fully accept reality. Our way could be more likely spin like a game. Dissenting and negative approach about difficulties during the play is frivolous and irrational. You could either play it confidently or the other way around. There are challenges easier than we thought but the point is, the bigger the challenges the greater the satisfaction.

I just really wanted to share some of my views in life. I thought that I should need a psychotherapy. But I have experienced much downfall that I have lose balance and falter into the level of consciousness where I lose myself. But after the fall, I don't struggle to get up. After the cry, I get up! I believe that challenges were given to people to achieve higher level of Individuality. And after all, my disposition to further enhance myself no longer comes from the inner sense of vulnerability but my eagerness to scrutinize the truth about my deeper life.