Sunday, December 14, 2014

Live Your Yes! | Life Coach

. . . that fires you up and fuels you to your full potential
. . . like your going through the motions?
. . . with conviction and against any odds
. . . created from your own standards and rules
. . . of excitement, empowerment and ease

How vast is your journey ahead? With me now, I’d like to step a thousand ahead of my time… But let us first talk about the crisis we or others might have been going through before disclosing any of our potentials.

midlife crisis - life coach
When life starts to get complicated, how do we deal about it? How do we face and accept the challenge? The truth is, men and women's journey during the midlife ages passed through, in different ways with different challenges and different needs. Unlike single individual, married people tend to have imminent impact with each other. The pressure is otherwise inevitable. As a matter of fact, the historical aspect at which we formally enter “middle age” is of little importance. What’s much more intriguing are the psychological changes thought to accompany with it. Most people believed that it's a genuine psychiatric phenomenon usually takes place between ages 40-60 but there are instances not later than 32 arise.

midlife crisis - life coach

This life situation does not happen in just a blink. It always takes place randomly in the context of our relationship. On the immense social level there are developmental points for life's experiences, our own expectation of happiness, ambition or even greed for success. But no matter where or when you started your journey, most of us end up in an unknown territory. Our fate seems to have been controlled or is somewhat coloured by the reactions of our partners and peers in life. Whether you plan it together, silently comply, support each other, your partner's midlife crisis becomes yours.

We often feel stuck in a dark unknown place without options. I have observed, however, as we slowly assimilate the casualty and re-define ourselves and our future in matters we could never have imagined. There are times in life that we might need a life coach, because no matter how much sane we are there will always be times in life when we are not capable of thinking correctly and decide the right things for ourselves.

midlife crisis - life coach
How do we resolve this crucial battle? Most data reveal that this group of adults reformulate their goals in the wake of such life analysis, approaching more towards maintenance of essential goals, holding things on their right status that would safeguard their future rather than setting their sights for new unsettled dreams and aspirations. It is rather up to us to adapt or create new approach or new philosophy for the world. We can give it all and developed a slouch at the same time. It offers an emotionally defensive feeling against anxieties and distress tied to unrealizable ambitions.
The response of the people around us, as well as the use of outside resources can be of great help and reduce the chances of getting lost or of traveling alone. As I'm always saying, "no one has the power in his hand that could make his life perfect. Life is just a matter of age and time." So "live your yes!" You and I! Live a life that fires you up and fuels you to your full potential!

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