Thursday, July 17, 2014

Single Mother's Dilemma

Being a single mother is a tough responsibility. By all means, I respect the fact that if I haven’t lived my life this way, then I could not imagine it would be impossible for me to understand what others have been through as a single parent. Or maybe, what could I be without a psychotherapy? When I need it and not have it?
Mother's dilemma - Palo Alto Psychotherapy

Could you be one of those people who would consider that being a single mother is the toughest job in today's modern society? I have asked a few single moms about their views of their own dilemma's. Most of them have replied the same: considering the fact that their children will never have the chance to cherish the fun and enjoy what having both parents home feels like.
I apologize to inhabit this kind of topic. Single people may have problems but single mom with children has even more. My point is that, I want to acknowledge every determination that confides with this astonishing situation. And not to exclude myself, I want to take responsibility for my role of adding to the list of single mothers. I have four kids with one man, that I became single upon his death. Sometimes I just thought, maybe it's an impression of my children to have that disappointment that their father did not make it this far... And it would be redundant to think that they have been longing and expecting someone to care of them, at least.
I have been a single mom for about 4 1/2 years now. Good thing I did not resort to seek the help of health specialist. I thought it sometimes that it would be good for me to have a psychotherapy. My depression did not progress. I have accepted His will and my fate. I have blamed no one. I have to stand firm that I realized I should be hard to the extent of being a brainy heartless. Walking on the path of no return is what I usually pursue for myself... Well in fact, and I’m thinking and considering this myself, there are those women who become more aggressive dating multiple men due to the fact that most men are unwilling to give their commitment.... A single mother's dilemma? Yes... Why do you think a women should remain faithful and loyal with those kind of people? Should women put all their luck in one man's casket when they are full aware that this man does not want to commit? Should they divert to the proposal of other men to retain their options open?
I have no intention to judge anyone but I am having a hard time considering this one. Let us not add to any obvious and rather unfavorable traits as undesirable human entity if we may consider it that way. Both men and women should be responsible for their own actions. This era has given us the impression that we do not have the same opportunities as other people might be. It would be best to counter this fanciful intimation by giving each other loving and understanding support, especially our children.
The recently demanding change in the society has made me uplift more of my spirit. I realized I have to work harder and continue to compensate further for the sake of my children that they can have a better fighting chance for survival. That, is my legacy to my children.

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