Friday, June 12, 2015


When your partner in life, whether husband or boyfriend, wife or girlfriend  is cheating on you or has cheated on you in the past, I wouldn’t have any apprehension that the first thing to come into your mind is to ask why.

Definitely you’re not alone. The fact is that, this is not an unusual scenario. Many are victims of infidelity and most of them want to know why their spouse or loved ones’ reason for being unfaithful and what persuade them to have an illicit affair.

Knowing the reason or reasons on why your significant other commit such act can help you deal with the situation. It will become your crucial key to making a wise decision about the best possible way to deal with the offender’s infidelity.

In case you decide to rectify with your cheating mate, knowing the reason behind the unfaithful act or betrayal can give you intuition on how to rebuild your relationship and will lessen the chances that the sin be enacted again. However, if you decide to leave your cheating mate, knowing the reason for your significant other’s deceiving act can ease the healing process, and let you move on without letting the impediments from your old relationship influence your future affairs in life.

But let me just say that I am completely pleased with how you feel. You are justified in your feelings and are allow to stagger in them for as long as you deem it crucial or necessary. On the contrary, I would like to suggest that is not the bottomline of anyone’s life and whoever faces the same agony, still, has a choice in this matter. Nobody has the right to judge over your thoughts and feelings. It is the one thing that belongs to you and only you through imperfections. And knowing what is real, I would like to emphasize on the possibility that you are the only one responsible for the way you feel for only you have full control over your own thoughts and feelings. I suggest that you may try to redirect your thoughts and focus into the ones that are more pleasing to you or rather would ease your pain. You’ve got to choose, so better start choosing thoughts that would make you feel good if not completely happy. 

We have full control over every aspect of our lives. Begin to realize the power of your will and start to think your way with your unrealized self-consciousness and much importantly, your freedom.

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