Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happiness vs. Stress

An individual's attitude towards life is a major key factor that could affect someone's health, their susceptibility against illness and also life expectancy. One way or the other, a positive outlook can take us unto a longer route in life. Happiness may somehow, varies from one person to another, but the outgoing and social during their younger years tend to be much happier and contented upon reaching old age. They have quite transformed themselves. They have developed a successful relationship both at home and at work and have achieved a much healthier physical and mental aging. Nonetheless, anybody could resort and make Psychotherapy as his option.
One famous contributor to happiness trending nowadays is the TGIF spirit. In fact, there's much and a big reason behind the acronym TGIF that it has become a universally famous expression. An undisputed passion felt by people from all angles of life... Wow! "Thank God it's Friday!" I knew most of us will agree and rather not be surprise for ranking file workers or even those people with high status positions are possess on this current BOLD spirit. I, myself find out just how free time has significantly affects a person's well-being. It has given me more opportunities to create a strong bond with my family as well as with my friends, sharing and interrelating on each other’s experiences that can enhance our growth emotionally towards a more psychologically independent human.
It is rather a good principle not a concept that we should be concern to retain the balance of not exerting or indulging ourselves with too much work. Regardless of educational attainment, relationship or even socioeconomic status, men and women of all ages have that seventh cloud atmosphere during weekends and much more on vacations! Have enough sleep and enjoy the rest of your days.
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Our identity and disposition as individual during the earlier part of adulthood have much an enduring impact on later decades of our well-being. The much related teenage agony should neither be considered a health matter nor just a temporary argument. I am thinking it could be both, otherwise, Psychotherapy could be an option. No human has the power in his hand that could make his life perfect, but we may encourage eagerness and intimacy with our youngsters to prepare for a healthy physical and psychologically uplift spirit in the future. It is definitely impossible to achieve a stress-free life but we can forget the one awful aspect of the world. Let us carry more positive emotions that can give us far-reaching benefits while we’re still alive. So be cool... Think young... Love yourself… And be happy!

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