Thursday, July 3, 2014

Accepting Reality | Palo Alto Psychotherapy

Many among us are in difficult situations facing their own dilemna. You may find it unfair what life has bringing you now and fight the current situation which could only lead you to the feeling of distress about your pain.. You must accept the fact how life was given to you. Don't try to exalt or alter the truth in order to please anyone or just to hide the ugly side of the situation. Just let it be, or otherwise, a psychotherapy session could be your possible solution.

Accepting Reality | Palo Alto Psychotherapy

I may say, reality is neither bitter nor sympathetic, neither good nor bad. The comparable situation arise from the brain which is responsible for the creation of fancy illusion and awareness. There is dissimilation to every moment in your life. You have to unravel your own obstacle. Everything has that negative and positive opportunity. And above all, you must try to liberate yourself... Heavy burdens were given but a far better future is to be expected. Maybe your way up ahead for something bigger, like career and accomplishment.  

It is believe that personal growth is gain by people who are aware of their situations and accept the pain in them. These people drive themselves forward and this method usually has a positive results. But how does it affect anyone who reacted the other way around? Well, making your current reality negative or wrong produces much of internal pain. You may be capable to have that better qualities in life in which you can be fulfilled or you may be trapped endlessly hunting your dreams and never to achieve any fulfillment at all.

You can see life clearly when you start to accept reality, not pretending it to be good or bad,  you can see those paths mark before us. Yes, we, indeed, have obtacles to overcome. Those trials aren't meant to confuse us but rather, I may say, they are elemental part of humanity which balances life in existence. Life could be easier if you fully accept reality. Our way could be more likely spin like a game. Dissenting and negative approach about difficulties during the play is frivolous and irrational. You could either play it confidently or the other way around. There are challenges easier than we thought but the point is, the bigger the challenges the greater the satisfaction.

I just really wanted to share some of my views in life. I thought that I should need a psychotherapy. But I have experienced much downfall that I have lose balance and falter into the level of consciousness where I lose myself. But after the fall, I don't struggle to get up. After the cry, I get up! I believe that challenges were given to people to achieve higher level of Individuality. And after all, my disposition to further enhance myself no longer comes from the inner sense of vulnerability but my eagerness to scrutinize the truth about my deeper life.

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