Friday, May 15, 2015

The Power of Forgiveness

The weak can never forgive..
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong..
~Mahatma Gandhi~

It took me days to think of this scenario.. I remember one important person in my life, it has a valuable lesson and great to follow especially for those who want to move on. Have you ever rushed to forgive someone and found out it didn’t really work? Like you still felt bitter and crappy everytime you thought of the situation? Have you ever wondered what was really wrong with you?

When you hold bitterness or resentment towards another, you are enslave by the situation, an emotional link that is harder than a stone. Forgiveness is the only way that can untie the bond and be free.

Forgiveness is something precious we grant to ourselves. It is not something I in my deepest bestow on someone else in their weakness, because I am such a friendly and compassionate person. Our refusal to forgive will only drive us into deeper nostalgia that would take away a lot of positive energy from us. Sometimes, it is just an advocate in holding on to our anger and grievances but the sad thing is that, we are just hurting ourselves. Forgiveness allow us to redeem an immeasurable arsenal of free spirit. It releases an impassioned toxin from within oneself.

In order to be productive and creative in our lives, we need strength and vitality that will sustain physical, emotional and mental activity. We need our most brilliant spirit to be of service with others and that overwhelming controversies of our lifetime.

Anger has become the poster child for all the bad things. When it has been filled and bottled up and the lid does come off, anger results in fury and other undesirable behavior. Forgiveness refers not to the offense but the woundedness of the offender. But this doesn’t mean you’ll run back to your enemy because of compassion for the damaged person he or she is. Of course you want to spare yourself from maltreatment and injustice. However, from an immediate point of view, you can try to forgive the sensible or insensible ordeal that motivates everyone of us. Our aspiration to alter anger is a call for peace, worth desirable and definitely soul searching.

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Whatever our pain, whatever our situation, we should not allow ourselves be attached to any endless grievances. Let us recharge our spirit and be free!

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