Saturday, May 23, 2015

We Are What We Think

Today as a result of ordinary day to day activities, many people stay up late at night and sleep late into the morning. Such logical time hold them down with others as well as making them prone to stress upon mismatch schedule. How they actually sleep affects how stress they are.

Let me call it this way.. I’ve done the chores. I’m thru with my work. I knew I feel stress, upset and nervous but the bottom line is: I am not happy.

But how do we deal with ourselves being unhappy? Somehow it’s the thought that creates how we feel. As long as you don’t have the thought the feeling will not exist. And it’s exactly the other way around.


You can replace anybody, improved your physical attributes or even turn around your whole environment. But just like any movie scenario, it won’t last. And so this time, just like a speck of dust on the camera lens we have to wipe off the dirt. We have to change the scenes of the movie and create a different scenario. It means you have to change your mind from thinking what you think.

Many of our thoughts and speculations are just products of our creative assumptions. Is this for real? Is this the real score of my planned presentation? Will this outfit gonna impress everyone? Those are just suppositions or hypothesis. And only few are just credible.


We should learn truth the positive way. Always ask yourself if you are having thoughts as 100% truth. For the benefit of yourself you must think without obscurity of the doubt. As we can even turn our very stressful thought the other way around. Believe on what we are better for. Alas! We are what we think! 

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